OBGYN Bakersfield CA | General OB/GYN
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General OB/GYN

At the Women’s Care Center, we offer specialty care for women at all stages of life. Using diagnostics and health examinations and screenings, our experienced physicians can evaluate, treat, and maintain your female health with our exceptional OB/GYN services.

Serving Bakersfield and surrounding areas in California, the Women’s Care Center is led by Dr. Armi Lynn Walker and Dr. Cary Shakespeare. Our mission is to provide women of all ages with compassionate and incomparable care. We are well known in the community for being relentless advocates for patient safety and physician champions for health care to women. Our guarantee to you is that you will receive the highest quality of care available in a personal and caring manner. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can provide you with all of your individualized obstetrical and gynecological needs.

Why Choose an OB/GYN?

Just like you should see a primary care physician for an annual check-up, it is also important to have an evaluation of your feminine health at least once a year. At the Women’s Care Center, Dr. Walker and Dr. Shakespeare have over 50 years of combined experience in obstetrics and gynecology, providing a full range of female wellness and pregnancy services.


Gynecology is considered a primary care specialty, and although it may not be necessary to have a Pap test every year depending on your individual health, having a female examination annually is a preventative care measure that can help detect abnormalities at early stages and maintain your health for the long term. A yearly visit to our office can also provide:

  • Treatment for heavy, painful menstrual periods
  • Birth control options and answers to other sexual health questions or concerns
  • Breast cancer examinations as well as a demonstration for how to examine yourself at home


At the Women’s Care Center, Dr. Walker and Dr. Shakespeare have over 50 years of combined experience in Obstetrics. We offer in-office ultrasound and laboratory services for your convenience. Family members are welcome during your ultrasound to enjoy this experience with you. With Dr. Walker and Dr. Shakespeare, you have the same doctors throughout the entire course of your pregnancy and have an excellent chance that they both will be there for the delivery of your baby. This best practice scenario is an added safety measure that is unique to Bakersfield and essentially gives you two doctors for the price of one. We feel that you and your special package certainly deserve a special delivery.

How Do I Get Started with OB/GYN Care?

Your individual care begins with a consultation here at our office, where our friendly and experienced medical team will evaluate your individual feminine condition. Based on the findings of our health screening and examinations, we will discuss any concerns you may have and develop a care plan that outlines how often you should come back for a check-up as well as any follow-up treatments that need to be performed.

Contact the Women’s Care Center today to schedule your consultation with our experienced physicians and get your feminine health and wellness back on track with our exceptional OB/GYN services.