OBGYN Bakersfield CA | Considering ThermiVa in Bakersfield, CA
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Considering ThermiVa in Bakersfield, CA

You don’t know what is going on with your vaginal health, but you’re not happy about it. You never had a problem before. There were never any problems before. Then you reached that certain age. Ever since that milestone, you have noticed some unwelcome changes. You have a frustrating sensation of constant dryness. Irritation is another problem. Sometimes, it is so bad that you feel like you have a urinary tract infection. However, blood tests and an exam prove that there is nothing wrong with you. Bouts of female incontinence has hit you as well. It’s enough to make you miserable. You want answers. ThermiVa® with our specialist in Bakersfield, CA could be the right solution for you.

Why Are You Experiencing Vaginal Discomfort?

As you approach menopause, it can make you feel like your body is on a roller coaster ride. Your drop in reproductive hormones can really throw you for a loop. It can make you irritable, cause insomnia and lead to weight gain. You might find yourself suffering from hot flashes, night sweats and heart palpitations. Your menstrual cycle could be all over the place.

At the same time, vaginal discomfort is common. As estrogen and progesterone levels decrease, the tissues of your vagina may start to become thinner. A loss of lubrication is common. With dryness, irritation results. This irritation can extend to the urethra, causing female incontinence and the sensation of burning that is similar to a urinary infection. A loss of libido is typical, especially when you have vaginal discomfort. ThermiVa® is designed to help you combat the symptoms of menopause that affect your vagina.

How Can ThermiVa® Make a Difference?

ThermiVa® is a handheld device that applies radiofrequency energy to the sensitive tissues in your vagina. This radiofrequency energy heats the tissues that have been affected by hormonal changes or changes brought on by pregnancy and life in general.

The treatment is convenient and comfortable. You will only feel warmth as the amount of heat is carefully monitored to ensure that you will experience no harm during your procedure. As a result, the treatment will trigger the production of collagen and increased circulation. You will then get to enjoy renewed cell growth and a tightening of the tissues in your vagina. Lubrication will be enhanced while your discomfort fades away from a non-invasive approach.

Learn More About ThermiVa® Today

It’s time to stop battling with vaginal discomfort. Make an appointment with Neuva Aesthetics in Bakersfield, CA to find out more about the benefits of ThermiVa®. Once you have been evaluated to see if this treatment will work for you, our specialist can schedule your in-office treatment. You will be in and out in no time. Soon after your treatment, you will begin to notice the difference that ThermiVa® can make for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn more!