OBGYN Bakersfield CA | What are Labor Epidurals?
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What are Labor Epidurals?

Getting pregnant and having a child is one of the happiest times in a woman’s life, so you want to make sure everything goes smoothly in the delivery room. Childbirth may be a beautiful and natural part of life, but it can also be an extremely painful experience. Luckily, there is a way to eliminate most of the pain without putting yourself or the baby at risk. If you do not think you will be able to handle the pain of natural childbirth, then you may want to learn more about labor epidurals.

A labor epidural is a great way to provide continuous pain relief while ensuring you are conscious and fully awake throughout the birthing process. Nobody wants to miss or forget the birth of their child, so most anesthesia options are not effective while you are in labor. Labor epidurals are skillfully administered through a catheter to ensure you only lose the pain sensation in the lower half of your body.

In most cases, the process of inserting the catheter can begin as soon as you arrive at the hospital because the epidural medicine will not be administered until you are in active labor. The catheter and epidural process can also be started later if the pain of natural childbirth becomes too much for you to handle.

The combination of medications used in labor epidurals works perfectly to block the pain sensations in your lower body without limiting your ability to move your legs. It is important to understand that it will take some time to experience any pain relief from the first dose of the labor epidural medication. You will get continuous doses of the epidural medicine throughout the labor process.

Medical studies have proven that labor epidurals are completely harmless to the child because they only come in contact with a very small portion of the pain medication. To learn more about how labor epidurals work, talk to our team of experienced and caring professionals at the Women’s Care Center during your pregnancy. Our office is located in Bakersfield. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.