OBGYN Bakersfield CA | ThermiVa® for Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening
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ThermiVa® for Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening

As a woman, your body goes through many changes throughout your lifetime. From the onset of puberty, you are subjected to fluctuations in hormones that can really throw you for a loop. You’ll be on a rollercoaster when you go through pregnancy. As menopause approaches, more changes are up ahead. You try to prepare yourself for whatever may come your way, but you never expected that you would find yourself dealing with vaginal problems. Whether you are feeling looseness, irritation, dryness or pain, you are not alone. Vaginal tightening may help you to feel like yourself again, rejuvenating this delicate area of your body. ThermiVa® may be able to help you without surgical intervention.

What Can ThermiVa® Do for You?

ThermiVa® is a non-surgical alternative for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. It involves the application of radiofrequency energy with a special device that is applied to the external and internal tissues of the vagina. Radiofrequency energy creates a carefully controlled amount of heat that will stimulate your circulation and the production of collagen in your vaginal tissues. This produces a tightening effect and regenerates the vagina.

Why are You Experiencing Vaginal Problems?

Your vaginal issues could be caused by the strains of delivery, especially if you have had more than one child. Every time a baby is sent through the birth canal, it takes a toll on the sensitive tissues of your vagina. The approach of menopause can also cause great discomfort in the vagina as you go through hormonal fluctuations. The tissues and muscles can become loose. A lack of lubrication is common as well. You may feel irritation that can even affect your urethra, causing female incontinence. It can make you absolutely miserable. ThermiVa® offers you a solution.

What to Expect with ThermiVa®

When you visit our office for your ThermiVa® treatments, they will only take a short amount of time. The device will be applied where you need it, whether you need to focus on the external tissues, the internal tissues or both. You’ll feel a gentle warming sensation. Once the sessions are over, you can be on your way and return to your normal activities. You won’t have any downtime. After a series of sessions, you’ll soon notice the difference as your symptoms improve. You’ll finally have relief from the vaginal issues that have been troubling you. This can improve your intimacy with your partner. Most importantly, you will feel better.

Learn More About ThermiVa®

If you have vaginal symptoms that are bothering you, stop ignoring them. You don’t have to live in discomfort. ThermiVa® treatments at Neuva Aesthetics can help you to rejuvenate your vaginal tissues. It’s important that you get to the bottom of your problem and find answers. ThermiVa® could be exactly what you need to restore your vaginal health. Neuva Aesthetics is located in Bakersfield. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office.