OBGYN Bakersfield CA | The Importance of Postpartum Care
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The Importance of Postpartum Care

While the postpartum period is often considered the first six weeks after childbirth, it can last four to six months. Postpartum care can include the external, internal and emotional treatment that helps a new mother take proper care of herself and her baby as she adapts physically and emotionally.

External care may involve addressing changes in body shape, aiding in breastfeeding and caring for any incisions or scarring. Internal care focuses on issues like fatigue, cramping, constipation and body aches. Mental health concentrates on helping with anxiety, depression and other emotions that can arise because of the significant hormonal changes that occur after pregnancy. Proper postpartum care lowers the risk for depression and increases the rate of successful breastfeeding.

Postpartum medical consultations will also focus on healthy lifestyle choices like diet, proper hygiene and getting ample rest to help ward off illnesses and infections. Regular care helps to identify the symptoms of sleep deprivation that can negatively influence physical and emotional health. Insufficient sleep can undermine the mother’s efforts to adjust to a new baby. Relaxation helps to reduce stress and enables the body to recover faster. While you sleep, your brain grows and heals, which helps your body to realign hormone levels.

You should consume warm, nourishing meals filled with vitamins and minerals that aid in healing and producing a healthy supply of milk. In addition to generating a larger milk supply, you will feel more energetic and enjoy motherhood. Your baby will also be happier.

Quality postpartum care and support can have a significant influence on a mother’s physical recovery and emotional well-being. This care also helps couples feel more connected and confident in their early parenting skills. Parental satisfaction reduces the risk of emotional disorders for the baby and other family members. Studies also demonstrate that postpartum care increases coping abilities and bonding between the mother and infant. Mothers also improve their baby-soothing and communication skills.

Postpartum care at the Women’s Care Center in Bakersfield can help you successfully navigate the challenges of motherhood. These consultations enable our team to assess your current condition and address any problems that may have arisen, including difficulties lactating and postpartum depression. Along with helping the mother, our customized postpartum care improves outcomes for the infant and other family members as well. We recommend that you schedule an appointment before you deliver your baby to ensure that your postpartum care regimen is already in place when you need it. Contact our office today to request a consultation.