OBGYN Bakersfield CA | Restore Sexual Confidence with ThermiVa
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Restore Sexual Confidence with ThermiVa

You have an embarrassing problem that concerns one of the most delicate parts of your body. It’s something you don’t even want to discuss with your doctor, but it’s getting in the way of intimacy with your partner. You are dealing with vaginal looseness and discomfort. To make matters worse, you also have dryness and female incontinence. It makes you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. You don’t have to live with this common problem. ThermiVa® can help you to restore your sexual confidence and feel good about yourself once again.

Understanding ThermiVa®

ThermiVa® involves the use of radiofrequency energy to tighten the inner and outer vaginal tissues. You may have always had issues in these areas or they may have developed over time. Regardless of when vaginal looseness became a problem, it can cause serious discomfort. The skin can become irritated and inflamed from rubbing all of the time. You may not be able to wear what you want because of your issue. Worst of all, you may be in pain or simply embarrassed when you are trying to be intimate. When you choose ThermiVa®, you can strengthen the vaginal walls and tighten the tissues in order to restore this sensitive area.

What Happens During a Treatment?

ThermiVa® typically consists of a series of three treatment sessions that are spaced a set amount of time apart. The sessions involve virtually no discomfort or downtime. As an added benefit, no anesthesia is required. This is a safe and effective procedure that can immediately provide relief from vaginal issues without the need for surgery.

After your ThermiVa® treatments are complete, you will finally be able to regain your confidence with your partner and enjoy intimacy once again. You will no longer have the looseness and discomfort that has been an issue for so long.

Ask About ThermiVa®

If you have been struggling with vaginal issues, you are not alone. ThermiVa® can help you to take control of this unsettling problem. See our team at Neuva Aesthetics to discuss your problems with your vagina. Our doctor can evaluate you and look at your health history in order to make sure that ThermiVa® is right for you. If the treatment can help you to find relief, you can find out what to expect when it comes to the procedure.

Are you ready to restore your sexual confidence? Neuva Aesthetics is located in Bakersfield. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation for ThermiVa®.