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Restore Sexual Confidence with ThermiVa®

Age, childbirth and weight gain can all cause changes to a woman’s vaginal tissues. She may feel like she is looser during sex, there may be less natural lubrication and she may even feel less pleasure during intimacy. While these changes are perfectly natural and not cause for alarm, there is no reason to suffer in silence. ThermiVa® is a non-surgical treatment that restores elasticity to vaginal tissues quickly and comfortably.

Understanding the Problem

When speaking of vaginal tightness, there are two factors at work: muscle tone and tissue condition. Muscles can be toned by doing Kegels and other exercises designed to tighten the pelvic floor. The tissues of the vagina, however, cannot be improved with exercise, diet or any kind of home remedy or lifestyle change. The tissues lose elasticity and can only be tightened by medical treatment. This is precisely what ThermiVa® is designed to do.

The ThermiVa® Process

ThermiVa® uses radiofrequency waves to create heat. The heat is administered to the vaginal tissues and, if desired, the labia using a special wand. The heat microscopically affects the tissue, which signals to the body that collagen is needed to repair the area.

By “tricking” your body in this way, you will produce more collagen as the microscopic areas are healed, leading to thicker, softer and tighter tissues. This process takes about half an hour and is done once a month for three months. It feels like a massage and there has been no discomfort reported during or after the treatment.

The Benefits of ThermiVa®

By tightening the labia and vagina, a patient can expect to experience more friction during intimacy. This leads to more lubrication being produced and more pleasure for both parties. Some women also note that stress incontinence, which is leaking urine due to laughing or coughing, is reduced or completely cured by this procedure. Patients also note more sexual confidence and increased desire, sometimes right after the very first treatment.

Additional Information

Due to the procedure’s gentle and non-invasive nature, there is very little risk of a negative outcome. There is also no chance of an allergic reaction or burns. You may feel uncomfortably tight at first, but this usually passes once your muscles learn to relax.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you are not happy with your vagina and wish the tissue was tighter, ThermiVa® can help your sex life and even improve your urinary continence. If you have any questions or would like to discuss having these treatments yourself, come in for a consultation at NeuVa Aesthetics in Bakersfield.

Our team of medical professionals will work with you to determine if this amazing treatment is right for you. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.