OBGYN Bakersfield CA | Neuva Aesthetics Donates $125,000 Worth of Services to Cancer Patients and Survivors
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Neuva Aesthetics Donates $125,000 Worth of Services to Cancer Patients and Survivors

Neuva Aesthetics is hosting its Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting Tuesday, October 18 and to celebrate, we are offering $125,000 worth of services to cancer patients and survivors. Our goal is to help make every woman we treat look and feel beautiful inside and out. No one deserves that more than cancer patients. They are going through hell and deserve something positive that can help them look and feel better and sexier.

Neuva Aesthetics is a strictly noninvasive medical spa catering to men and women, but what sets us apart from any other MediSpa in town is that we are the ONLY one to offer ThermiVa nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation. What does this have to do with cancer patients? Chemotherapy robs cancer patients of their beauty, energy and unbeknownst to many: their sex life. Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments leave women very dry in the intimacy department. Let me emphasize “dry” without getting too descriptive. We want to give them something back. ThermiVa not only tightens the vaginal canal and outer appearance, it also stimulates natural lubrication and increases orgasmic sensitivity….all of which are affected and ruined during chemotherapy or other cancer treatments.

To celebrate our grand opening in October, we are offering 50 cancer patients and survivors TWO  free sessions of ThermiVa. “Let’s celebrate their second chance at life and help give them a second chance at a normal, if not improved, sex life.  The road to recovery can be long, but if we give them an almost immediate and positive result of improving their sex life and restore their confidence in their femininity, then why not! Cancer patients & survivors are strong, sexy and beautiful; and here at Neuva Aesthetics, we strive to make sure every woman leaves feeling as such,” says Neuva Aesthetics founder/medical director Dr. Armi Lynn Walker.

We would like to invite the media to cover the formal announcement of the donation during our Ribbon Cutting event.

WHO:      Neuva Aesthetics, Women’s Care Center & Centennial Medical Group

WHAT:    Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting of Neuva Aesthetics

WHEN:    Tuesday, October 18 @ 11:30 a.m.

WHERE:  1801 16th St., suite C

                 Bakersfield  (corner of G st. and 16th st.)

Neuva Aesthetics’ Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting. Thank you so much to all who attended and support our beautiful Medical Spa!

In the week leading up to the ribbon cutting (Oct 10-17), Neuva Aesthetics director Dr. Armi Lynn Walker will be available for morning or noon show appearances to promote and discuss details of the donation.

For any additional information or to schedule a show appearance, please contact:

Christine Dinh-O’Dell

Marketing Director

1801 16th St., Suite C

Bakersfield, CA 93301

Office: (661) 426-2554

Cell: (626) 277-8236




Donation Details: The first 25 cancer patients/survivors to call Neuva between October 18-31 will automatically receive a package of 2 ThermiVa treatments. Subsequent callers will be entered into a lottery. On October 31, we will draw 25 names from the lottery and they will receive a package of 2 ThermiVa treatments. Winners must present proof/documentation of chemotherapy or other cancer treatments.


Neuva Aesthetics also offers skin tightening/resurfacing treatments, microdermabrasion, Botox, fat melting/body contouring and bioidentical hormone therapy services.

Check out our website: http://wccobgyn.com/