OBGYN Bakersfield CA | Enjoy Intimacy Again with ThermiVa
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Enjoy Intimacy Again with ThermiVa

As a woman, your body goes through many changes. But you never thought it would happen to your most intimate of areas. If you are having vaginal problems, there is no reason to be embarrassed. It is common to experience issues that may cause discomfort, especially after childbirth or as you are getting older. Vaginal discomfort can cause you to have problems with intimacy. To reverse the problem and feel like yourself again, consider ThermiVa®.

Why are You Experiencing Problems with Intimacy?

Whether your vagina feels loose, you are experiencing a loss of lubrication or your delicate vaginal tissues feel irritated, it can get in the way of intimacy with your partner. All of these vaginal problems can be caused by hormonal changes or the toll of childbirth. If you have found out that you do not have any kind of underlying problem, ThermiVa® is a non-invasive approach that could help you to experience vaginal rejuvenation.

Understanding ThermiVa®

This innovative treatment uses radiofrequency energy to help you with vaginal discomfort. It gently warms the tissues of your vagina at a carefully controlled temperature. This can result in an increase in collagen and promote healthy circulation to this sensitive area on your body. As the tissues of your vagina are rejuvenated, you will experience relief from irritation, have more lubrication and enjoy a tightening effect. In the end, your vaginal tissues will make a comeback. You will be able to enjoy the bedroom once again. Be patient and you will soon experience the benefits of ThermiVa®.

Why Choose ThermiVa®?

ThermiVa® offers you a simple procedure that can spare you surgery in order to restore your vaginal tissues. You won’t have to undergo invasive procedures in order to experience relief. You can feel like a new woman once again when you let ThermiVa® help you. It’s time you gave this delicate area the attention it deserves.

Learn More About ThermiVa®

If you are having problems with vaginal discomfort, don’t hesitate to talk to our specialist at Neuva Aesthetics in Bakersfield. ThermiVa® can help you to feel your best again. When you come in for a consultation, you will be evaluated and you will be able to voice your concerns. We will explain what will happen during your ThermiVa® treatment. You’ll enjoy time with your partner in those intimate moments once again. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started!